A Dozen Tips For Moving Monday

    Moving is never fun. But everyone has to move at some point in their lives. There are lots of small things you can do to help it be an easier task. Here are a dozen tips everyone getting ready for a big move will benefit from knowing…

    1. Have everything packed before you start moving.
    2. Plan ahead of time, to hire movers or ask friends to help.
    3. Clean your new home BEFORE you start moving things in, if possible.
    4. Pack an overnight bag with essentials; change of clothes, toiletries, pet supplies.
    5. Pack the things you will need first at your new home into a clear plastic tub.
    6. Label boxes with contents AND the room it needs to go to.
    7. Use clothing and towels to pack breakables.
    8. Pack your books in a rolling suitcase; wheels help when moving large quantities of books.
    9. Press n’ Seal works great for keeping drawers intact, as well as keeping jewelry untangled.
    10. Ziploc bags, duct tape and a sharpie are a great way to keep hardware organized while packing.
    11. Pack hanging clothes with a trash bag for protection and easy unpacking
    12. Pack Pillows, Blankets and Bedding in trash bags for easy light moving

    Happy Moving Monday! Check back next Monday for more Moving Monday Tips!

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