Break the Indoor Rainy Day Blues


    With one of the rainiest months on record and summer vacation in full swing in Kansas City, many parents and caregivers are finding themselves searching for ways to keep kiddos entertained and off of the couch.  As the precipitation and pop-up storms continue to occupy our days and the boredom blues set-in,  television and mobile devices get more use putting physical activity aside.  There are a vast amount of rainy day activities for kids that cost little to nothing and can be done in your home or care facility.

    Treasure hunts require some advanced preparation but are a big hit with kids of all ages.  Stashing clues around your home for each child to hunt for a hidden prize is a great adventure and will get them moving.  For smaller children, picture clues can be used while older children enjoy the mystery of deciphering riddles or puzzles for their clues.

    Putting on a talent show, play or puppet show will channel their inner performer and open up their creativity.  Gathering old costumes, hats, shoes and other props and giving the kids the beginnings of a story will keep them busy for hours planning and then performing for you.  Start with something like, “Once upon a time in Raindrop Kingdom, there lived  Princess Sprinkle….”

    Assuming it is not lightening outside, gear up in raincoats, boots, umbrellas and warm clothing and GET WET!!  You and the kids won’t melt and they will have a blast stomping in the puddles, impersonating ducks, frogs or other animals and singing songs about the rain.  After you are soaked, bring them in for a bubble bath and some hot chocolate.  

    Children love to build forts.  Give them an array of old boxes, couch cushions, pillows, blankets and sheets and challenge them to work together to create a multi-room play fort where when finished, they can read books, draw, color, eat a snack and relax.  

    Get crafty!  Purchase a cheap roll of paper or a large canvas, lay it out in the garage or basement with a variety of paints and magic markers and watch your artists emerge.  Little ones will be thrilled when you tell them to step in the paint, let it squish through their toes and make footprints.  

    On a minimal budget and with a little creativity, adults and kids alike can break the rainy day boredom blues.  These activities will get your kiddos talking, sharing, exploring and learning through active play and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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