::How To Incorporate Your Favorite Color Into Your Home::

    on wednesdays we wear pink
    Who doesn’t love a little pop of pink? Men & women alike can rock the pink in their clothing, home or even their hair. There are so many shade options; fuchsia, baby pink, bubble gum, salmon, blush and magenta are just a few. What is your favorite color? How can you bring the color that appeals to you most into your home or office space for you to enjoy every day? Certain colors can effect your mood, for example; if you are wanting a calm environment blues and greens are very calming. As opposed to reds or pinks that are more energetic colors that will keep you excited and motivated. There are a lot of simple things you can do to incorporate your favorite color or pattern into an area. In your home you can add pops of color into your living room and bedroom, as well as your kitchen or bathrooms. Artwork for your walls is an easy way to add any color to your space, then you can add small home decor pieces that match. Adding accent pillows, rugs or throw blankets in a specific color or pattern can add that pop while also adding a functional piece to your space. Picture frames and candles are small pieces you can find in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to add something a little extra as well. If you really love a color you can paint an accent wall in your home, a good rule of thumb is to pick a wall that can be easily painted and has some direct natural light to best display that pop of color. A painted fireplace will also work to make a bold statement.
    Examples of Colored Accents
    Multi Pink Artwork & Fuchsia Lamp Shade
    Blush Throw Blanket & Pillow
    Baby Pink Accent Pillows & Candles
    Hot Pink Dish Towel & Kitchen Rug Accents
    Same Hot Pink Patterned Rug: 2 Different Spaces To Add An Accent
    Bubblegum Pink Accent Wall
    Painted Fuchsia Accent Fireplace 
    We hope you find our tips about adding an accent color into your space helpful.

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