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    Moving Tip Monday

    We haven’t ever actually met someone who enjoys moving. Whether or not it is cross country or down the road having help when moving is necessary for one’s sanity. Sometimes you can round up enough friends and family to help out, Tradition Home Group offers the ability to reserve our complimentary moving trucks. But if you are not in a situation where these resources are available using a moving company can prevent a lot of extra stress.

    Here are some tips about how to get some accurate quotes before you hire a moving company for your move.

    • Ask friends if they have recommendations¬†(THG recommends Centurion Moving and Storage)
    • Start with quotes via email or over the phone, but keep in mind that nothing counts unless you get it in writing
    • Gather as much hard information about your move as possible, including your move dates
    • How flexible your move dates are
    • How many large pieces of furniture and appliances you are moving
    • How many boxes you have (estimate 30 per room) *some companies will increase the fee per box for those over the estimate
    • Where you are moving to
    • When you want your stuff to arrive
    • How many rooms you are moving
    • Get at least three quotes in writing before hiring a company.
    • Ask if they are a broker or the actual moving company. A broker is a middleman that arranges initial details of the move and takes a fee for their work. Avoid middlemen to save money. Also, a broker is not a representative of the actual moving company, so they may not be able to answer important questions about the contract.
    • Get each quote in writing via email or fax or snail mail. If they refuse to send you paperwork, do not work with them.
    • Do not share your credit card information while getting a quote.
    • Avoid giving a phone number and your primary email if you can. The best way to do this is to call them directly. Look for a toll free number on their website.Tell them you want the quote before you share any personal information. You have their number and will call if interested.
    • Is the quoted price binding? What could make the price increase? Decrease?

    Before you hang up, ask for the quote to be emailed to you so you have a written copy.

    Moving can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. Working with Tradition Home Group can make moving a little easier for you when the time comes. Tradition Home Group offers complimentary 12 foot box trucks & Helpful Moving Monday Tips.




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