Moving Monday

    Moving Monday

    Today’s Moving Monday tips are all about packing. When you are packing your home you will find that you have items of all shapes and sizes that need to be packed securely. We have a dozen tips about how to use things you have around the house to pack things big and small.

    1. Use toilet paper and paper towel tubes to keep wires and cables organized.
    2. Place paper towels between plates before boxing them to cushion them during the move.
    3. Put plastic wrap on toiletries under the lid to keep them from spilling during the move.
    4. Put plastic wrap over drawers so you don’t have to empty out their contents.
    5. Pack plates vertically so they’re less likely to break.
    6. Don’t take clothes off their hangers. Move them in bunches in garbage bags still on the hangers for easy unpacking.
    7. Use all your suitcases and bags to save money on boxes. You can use rolling suitcases to pack heavy things like books and home décor.
    8. Keep hardware organized in plastic bags.
    9. Invest in storage bins for holiday décor and other items that stay in storage for most of the year.
    10. Pack jewelry in egg cartons to keep it tangle-free and organized during the move.
    11. Add some padding to your boxes. Plastic grocery bags are great for cushioning your breakables. Don’t leave room at the top without padding because otherwise they may get crushed.
    12. Collect cardboard boxes of all sizes for a couple months before you move, you will be surprised how helpful having extra boxes of different sizes can be when packing.

    We hope you benefit from our Moving Monday tips! Happy Moving!

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