Moving Monday

    Moving Monday

    Moving into a new home is always an exciting adventure. The adventure gets a little less exciting when you have a lot of remodel work to do before you can move in. If you purchased a home that needs upgrades done before you move in we have a couple tips for simple upgrades that don’t take a lot of time.

    If you move into a home with an unfinished basement a simple upgrade can be to waterproof the basement. In 4 steps you can improve the look of our basement. The first step is to clean the space; then you need to prime the walls, floor and potentially the ceiling with a product like Kilz; go through and patch any spots or holes that are uneven; and the final step is painting the walls and floor with a waterproofing product like SaniTred. With that process you have taken a dark unfinished basement and turned it into a blank slate with many upgrade options.

    Outlet and light switch covers are a simple remodel upgrade you can easily complete before move in as well. You can pick out the basic white covers for a clean polished look. Or you can personalize your home with customized outlet and light switch covers, using different materials and patterns can give a room an extra pop.

    Painting can be an inexpensive option to upgrading your new home. You can give your entire home a coat of fresh paint for a uniform clean look. But you can also freshen up a dreary room by choosing a fun accent wall. You can paint kitchen and bathroom cabinets, door frames, trim, window trim and even the ceiling. There are endless options when using fresh paint to upgrade a space.

    Moving is always an adventure, let us help make the moving adventure a fun one. Keep checking back for more Moving Monday tips from THG.


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