Moving Monday

    Moving Monday

    Happy Monday Everyone! Today’s Moving Monday tips are all about your best options for keeping your belongings safe while moving. There are hundreds of thousands of moving tips you can find everywhere online, in magazines or from your friends and family. A lot of the tips have to do with packing, because obviously packing all of your belongings is a pretty big part of the move. And when you start to pack your life you want to make sure it is going to end up at your new home in one piece.

    There are so many different options for packing materials that is can be overwhelming. You have your bubble wrap, which is great for protecting your fragile items; packing peanuts work great for keeping fragile items safe; tissue paper works great to keep items from being scratched during the move; you can use newspaper to wrap dishes but it isn’t the best option in keeping your breakables safe; shredded paper does work as a cushion when moving by helping with shock absorption; dividing boxes with cardboard for smaller compartments keeps items in one place and adds extra cushion inside the box.

    You can also use unconventional materials like different household goods that need to be packed away too. Pillows are an excellent way to pack multiple things, pillows can be used for cushioning or protection; coffee filters can be a great substitute for tissue paper when you want to protect an item from scratches; towels protect dishes in the same way newspaper can, you can also use them to wrap large kitchen items; throw blankets work great for extra protection as well.

    You have countless options for packing materials. You just have to pick out what works best for you.


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