Moving Monday

    Moving Monday – 1st Open Box

    Last Monday, we talked about the importance of having an Essentials Bag, for yourself and for each family member (including pets) so that you would have clothes, toiletries, and other essential items with you as you move from one destination to the other. This week we will touch on a box of items that you should have packed to take along with you, your “Open 1st” box of goodies that will include cherished, precious, and useful items that you will want to know where are or will need as soon as you arrive. These items are designed to give you piece of mind as you continue your moving journey!

    A great first tip for the “Open 1st” box is for it to be a clear tote. This will enable you so see all the items easily and, if you have sent this along with the moving truck, it is easily identifiable as the on hand essentials. You will also be able to see everything and will not need to unload all of the items in the box to find the one thing you are looking for………in the bottom, center of the box!

    Items for your “Open 1st” box should include the following:

    Expensive electronics and chargers

    Cleaning supplies –

    • all purpose cleaner
    • rubber gloves
    • trash bags
    • paper towels
    • small hand broom and dust pan

    Household items –

    • toilet paper
    • hand soap
    • towels and wash clothes
    • bed linens
    • sanitizing wipes
    • paper plates & plastic wear

    Tool Kit. Tools to do any small repairs (screwdriver, hammer, wrench, etc.), including a box cutter for opening taped boxes.

    First-Aid Kit. Just a few items to take care of any minor accidents.

    Heirlooms and irreplaceable collectibles. Don’t leave these items to chance. You’ll want to make sure that small items such as family jewelry and collectibles safely arrive at their new home.

    There are many lists and suggestions for how to prepare this box and what to include in it but, universally, it is considered a good idea to have essential items on hand and easily identifiable as such, when you are moving. This is just one less thing that you will have to contend with on moving day and one small way to minimize and manage the chaos that is a part of moving your life and family from one location to another. We hope you use these suggestions to make your transition a little easier!

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