Moving Monday

    Moving Monday – Don’t forget the Details!


    When getting ready for a big move, we often focus on the physical move like sorting, boxing and scheduling the movers, forgetting the small, but important details that can affect our lives in the days following the move.  Here is a list of must “do” activities to make sure that the details are completed, allowing for a smooth transition of information.

    • Contact the USPS to forward your mail.  It might be a good idea to have the mail held at your local branch for a couple of days prior to your move to make sure that it is not forgotten in your mailbox.  You can forward your mail for 15 days to one year from the time of the request.  At the same time, you can complete a change of address with the post office.
    • Contact your utility companies.  You will want to have them discontinue the services as of the date that you move.  At that time, the new owners should established service in their name, or the services should be disconnected.  Make sure you know about any deposit refunds that should be coming to you via mail or, if you are moving within the same service area, credited to the 1st bill of your new residence.
    • Notify service programs like pest and lawn maintenance of a change in service, cancellation or transfer to new property.
    • Contact credit card companies, cell phone services, banks, subscriptions, and installment loan companies to notify them of your new address.  The junk mail will always arrive, but you want to make sure that anything that is a “payment” or financial notification finds its way to your new location.  Checking the forwarded mail stickers will help you identify those companies that you might have missed, like catalog or magazine subscriptions.
    • Update information with entities that send out annual or semi-annual notification like property tax bills, personal property tax bills, auto and drivers license renewals, timeshare annual reports and dues, and insurance companies, including health, dental, life, and property.
    • On the subject of subscription, pay special attention to those “box” subscriptions.  Food is not meant to travel through the extra days of a forward.  In addition, monthly programs can be delayed or damaged with extended postal travel.
    • Make sure to notify prescription and medical supply companies of you address change to ensure that you have continuous supplies available.
    • Notify schools, day care, doctors offices, and dental offices of your address and phone changes.
    • Finally, make a list of those entities that you have contacted and the date, so that you have it for reference if you have a question down the line.

    As with most things, a little pre-planning and organization can go a long way in making a task, such as moving to a new home a less chaotic and more manageable activity.  This is just one way to make sure that you and your family can transition more seamlessly to your new home.

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