Moving Monday

    Moving Monday

    Moving and packing can be an extremely stressful time in your life. Tradition Home Group has so many moving hacks to share that we have a new Moving Monday blog every week. A huge time saver is packing your home according to where things are going to go in your new home.

    Step 1, Will ALWAYS be to de-clutter your home, throw away all the trash, junk, unused and broken items. There is no reason to pack things that you don’t need/want to keep. And this frees up extra space that you will need to stay organized.

    Step 2, Decide what goes where in the new home. Just because certain furniture or decor is in a certain room in your current home doesn’t mean it is going to fit or go into the same room in the new home.

    Step 3, Pack boxes according to the room, you can start a couple different boxes at the same time and pack them until they are full.

    Step 4, Label Label Label. Labeling your boxes with location as well as contents helps anyone helping you move, as well as yourself. Once the boxes are sealed it is a pain to open them just to see what is inside. Any wonderful people helping you move will know where to drop the box in the new home without having to ask.

    Step 5, For those of you who are really organized people you can even color coordinate the box and the room with a chart, if you’re feeling adventurous. They make colored and labeled duct tape you can buy specifically for moving and labeling boxes.

    Five Moving Monday Tips, towards easily organizing your move. Check back next Monday for more Moving Monday tips from THG.

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