Moving On to THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tip Tuesday

    Keeping with the theme of the week, MOVING. We have some helpful tips on which questions to ask when you are looking to hire movers. You can never ask too many questions or get too much information. The more questions you ask ahead of time, the less room there is for miscommunication or misunderstandings. Below are a few examples of questions you might want answers to BEFORE booking the movers. As mentioned in our previous post we suggest getting this information in writing in case you have to refer back to quoted information and pricing.

    1. How much are extra boxes and furniture charged?
    2. What happens if my stuff arrives outside of the estimate provided?
    3. If I’m not able to receive my delivery, how much will I be charged per day until I can pick it up?
    4. What insurance is included?
    5. How much does it cost for additional insurance?
    6. Are there any items that are prohibited from being shipped, like water mattresses or handguns?
    7. Is the fee fixed? What other charges might arise?
    8. Will you pack your stuff or will the movers?
    9. How many men will be sent to move your boxes?
    10. Will the movers provide blankets to protect furniture? How much extra will this cost?
    11. How long will it take them to pack up everything?
    12. Are mattress covers provided? How much extra do they cost?
    13. Are extra boxes provided? How much do they cost each?
    14. If a deposit is required, is it refundable?
    15. What forms of payment are accepted?

    Check back for more Moving Tips from the Tradition Home Group team!

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