On Wednesdays We…Celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day

    on wednesdays we wear pink

    On Wednesdays we celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day. The chocolate milkshake was first invented in the 1880’s and contained whiskey, it was an eggnog like drink. Only a decade later in 1900 the term ‘milkshake’ referred to a wholesome drink made with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla syrup. People soon started ordering the drink with ice cream and by the 1930’s the milkshake was a popular at local malt shops. By the 1950’s milkshakes were a staple in all the burger joints and diners across the nation. These days you can make your own milkshakes at home with ice cream, milk, and our good friend Hershey’s syrup. Or you can check out fun ideas on Pinterest. Blend up the ingredients & Enjoy! We hope everyone gets a chance to celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day.

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