On Wednesdays We…Get Ready To Go Back To School

    on wednesdays we wear pink

    On Wednesdays…the week before school starts…we get our kids ready to go back to school. Any parent can relate to the end of summer chaos, the kids have the back to school blues and parents are ecstatic they don’t have to think of 500 million ways to entertain their child. Last weekend was tax free weekend so the majority of parents probably spent the weekend shopping for school clothes and  supplies. Of course you want your child to be happy and feel excited about school, so you are working hard and letting them pick out the ‘cool’ school supplies or the new trendy shoes. It used to be that children went back to school in the fall because they were helping their families on the farm and such in the summer months. We have carried on the tradition in the 21st century, but now we spend our summers months working or vacationing. So as the summer comes to end, the kids go back to school, the teachers take charge of the youth of America and parents get to be thankful there are 9 months until the next summer break.

    Here is a little back to school song you can sing to brighten your day…

    Back To School
    Back To School
    To Prove To Dad That I’m Not A Fool
    I’ve Got My Lunch Packed Up,
    My Boots Tied Tight,
    I Hope I Don’t Get In A Fight
    Back To School
    Back To School
    Back To School…

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