On Wednesdays We…Look at Beautiful Light Fixtures

    on wednesdays we wear pink

    On Wednesdays we like to look at beautiful light fixtures and dream about filling our homes with them. Upgrading a light fixture can be one of the best ways to bring your style into your home. And there are so many different kinds. It doesn’t hurt that you literally need lights in every room of your house.

    The most common light fixtures upgraded in your home are probably the foyer and entry way and the dining room. The different material options for chandelier type light fixtures is endless. And it is becoming more popular to used mixed materials like metal and wood, glass and wrought iron, and even mixed metals like silver and gold.

    A popular trend right now is Farmhouse Glam. It is the rustic farmhouse look with a little bit of bling, making for a glamorous rustic look. For example; this chandelier with textures wood, chicken wiring and beautiful crystals is  a prefect example of Farmhouse Glam. Hang this light fixture over a farmhouse table to complete the look.

    If you like the industrial look you have different options on where you want to incorporate that element into your home. You can explore fun ideas for the kitchen or bathroom, the industrial style light bulbs really op when they are hung in front of a tile wall. There are so many different options for dining room light fixtures, you can find one with your personal style that becomes the focal point of the room.

    Tradition Home Group and THG Design love to spend our Wednesdays looking at light fixtures we can collect. They can change a dark space into a classy clean light space. And they can make a dull boring room artistic and fun. Light fixtures help add an extra pop in any home and we love to share our ideas and design style with everyone.



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