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    On Wednesdays we love to look at all the pretty flooring out there in the universe. As you know we love all things related to the beautification of your home. If you think about it, your flooring is one of the most important features in your home. You walk on it every single day, in shoes, socks or barefoot. It is the one piece of your home that you touch every time you step foot inside. It is the one thing all your guests will see when they are in your home. Since it is one of the main features throughout your entire home you want to make sure your flooring is something you love. You want to pick your flooring based on a couple things, personal preference is a main one, but you also want to pick a material that is going to function for the space. Carpet is more desirable in the bedrooms, for warmth in your sleeping space. Where as you would most likely want a type of tile or laminate in your bathrooms, because of humidity and moisture. With so many options out there for different materials you also have to think of the location of your home. Homes on the coast and in the south have to deal with warmer temperatures and moisture, tile flooring is very popular in these area. Homes located in the colder climates of the country may still want tile but they have the options of looking into heated tiles to keep their home warmer in those cold winter months. If the house is on a body of water you are going to want to think about a type of flooring that can be waterproofed, they have endless styles of laminate for luxurious waterproofed floors. You can use flooring to show a very personal touch in your home. Flooring can also be used as an accent and focal point in a room. Below are some different examples of flooring techniques to get your creative juices flowing…

    Using recycled or new pallets for home decor is a popular trend. Why not use them for your flooring too!

    Acid stained concrete is a beautiful and unique technique for a kitchen or can be a great accent for finishing a basement.

    Jaipur brushed limestone tiles are perfect for this mudroom area, functional and fantastic.

    Laminate flooring is extremely popular and is functional beauty for your entire home.

    Ceramic tile is a beautiful way to create those accent spaces, floors, walls or even ceilings.

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