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    ‘Moving’ right along to when you are ready to hire a moving company, read the fine print. When doing any kind of business you should read through a contract completely before signing. Companies love to catch you with little loopholes if possible. Here are some “Red Flags” to lookout for when looking through a contract to hire a moving company.

    Overages.  Are there any clauses about the cost of each packed box going up if you have more boxes than your original estimate? If you possibly didn’t read the contract carefully enough you could get slammed with huge fees because you have about 70 more boxes than your original estimate. Those 70 extra boxes have a higher  price than the first 40.

    Storage fees. Are there storage fees if for some reason you are not able to receive your boxes and furniture? Is the charge by the day or the week? Are there fees to get your possessions delivered to your place if they were put in storage? Once you are able to receive your stuff, how soon will items be delivered?

    Payment. Companies that only accept check or cash. Don’t work with these companies! Above board companies will accept credit cards, which gives you some limited options if the situation turns messy.

    Deposit. Is a deposit required before you see a contract? This is a big no-no! Assume you will NOT get the deposit back, no matter how nice the customer service agent sounds.

    Defensiveness. When asking questions, how does the customer service respond? Are they helpful or defensive? If they don’t have answers, do they get back to you once they’ve tracked down the person who has the answer? Or do they let details slip through the cracks?

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