On Wednesdays We…Talk Like A Pirate

    on wednesdays we wear pink

    Ahoy, Matey! On this Wednesday the Tradition Home Group be talkin like pirates to celebrate national talk like a pirate day. Yo Ho Ho! All hands on deck! Arrrrre ye with me? When we aren’t sailing the seven seas we be enjoying the life of a Seadog and pillaging the lands for home to conquer and sell. There be some beauties to spot from the crow’s nest of our grand ship flying the Jolly Roger. Grab ye parrot, ye eye patch, ye peg leg and ye growler for ale.Ye can make some folks walk the plank or get three sheets to the wind if ye like.

    Just make sure ye celebrate talk like a pirate day with us, if ye aren’t a scallywag that is.



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