Re-decorating With Ease

    Planning is essential to staying on track and successfully re-decorating a room without the help of a professional interior designer.  It can be easy and very affordable but you must create a plan that includes a priority list and a budget.  The first step in bringing your new room to life is to start an idea journal.  Collect photos of rooms, furniture, artwork, rugs, accessories, fabric samples, colors, etc. that you like and, slowly but surely, you will notice a style and color scheme start to emerge.   You will also want to include a priority list to keep track of new items to purchase, existing items to reuse or transform and a list of DIY projects.  Next, you will need to plan a budget.  Formulate your budget according to your priority list but also leaving room for a few impulse buys.  If you have a lot of items to get rid of, sell them online or have a sale to help raise funds for your new project.  The last step of planning is to take all of your ideas and your priority list along with your budget and create a design board.  Converting your ideas to a large poster board will make your new room come to life.  It will help you to decide where to place furniture, rugs, artwork, shelving and other items in your new space as well as help you to see the overall style and color scheme.  On your design board you can note dimensions and pricing of all of the pieces to be included in your room to help you stay on budget.  If you find that you are going over your budgeted amount, get online and research less expensive alternatives.  As you can see, with careful planning and visualization, using existing items along with a few new ones and with a little hard work and elbow grease, you can create the room of your dreams without breaking the bank.  Happy planning!!

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