Thankful Thursday with THG

    There is always something to be thankful for.  Especially on Thankful Thursdays.  We at Tradition Home Group are thankful for many things.  We are thankful to our clients for coming to us with their home buying and selling needs.  We are thankful for the referrals we receive that give us an opportunity to meet new people.  We are thankful for all the opportunities we have every day to network. We are thankful to our vendors for the amazing services they provide us and our clients.  This week we are very thankful to Coffelt Land Title Inc. for sponsoring our Realtor Luncheon and providing delicious Chipotle for all our hungry Realtors that came out to give helpful feedback on our listing.  As well as giving us the opportunity to highly recommend a title company that can provide our clients exceptional service.  We are thankful for our wonderful staff that helps us get the job done.  We are thankful for our agents that represent THG in all their fabulousness.  We are thankful to the people we pass on the street with a smile on their face, smiles are contagious. With so many things to be thankful for Tradition Home Group will be showing appreciation to different individuals and companies every week on Thankful Thursday.

    Thank YOU for supporting Tradition Home Group.


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