THG Thankful Thursday

    THG Thankful Thursday

    In keeping with the theme of Breast Cancer Awarenss this week, we would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank You”to a variety of people who take up the charge and the challenge of this disease and care for those who are charged with fighting it.

    To all of the doctors and medical professionals who work tirelessly to create understanding and a plan out of the chaos that is cancer.

    To all of the scientists who work and experiment and test and try to find a cure.

    To all of the advocates for awareness, the organizers of fundraisers, the cheerleaders of the affected who work to support all aspects of this global endeavor.

    To all the families who have made a meal for someone who is too weary from their battle.

    To all the friends who give a smile, a warm blanket, a hand to hold, or a ride during treatment.

    To all the friends who go with you to cut your hair, or buy a scarf, or shave their heads in solidarity.

    To all the friends who give space and understanding when it is most needed.

    To all the friends who mourn those we have lost.

    To all the friends who have shown up to celebrate the successes, big and small.

    To every friend who urges your to get the “girls” checked out!

    To all the friends who treat you the same, no matter what.

    You are all a part of what makes us Thankful.  We are thankful for you, your kindness, your generocity, your care.  You are the reason that we will some day have a cure.  You are the reason we can endure this time when we don’t yet have a cure.  You are the reason we Hope.

    We are Thankful for YOU!

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