THG Thankful Thursday

    THG Thankful Thursday

    This week, as I am working and covering the tasks that usually fall to my out-of-town spouse, I would like to say that I am extremely thankful for my “village people”.

    No, LOL!………. not these Village People ………..

    THESE village people……………….

    …………….the group of special people in life who constitute the village that helps you when you have one more birthday-party-errand than you can manage, and still be home to greet the guests; the ones who pick up your kid from school or the bus stop when there is a traffic jam that puts you behind 1/2 hour;  the one who takes your kid for a playdate so you can visit the doctor, or just so that you have five minutes of quiet when you are at the end of your rope; the one who thinks of you, after you have shared a tough time, and brings dinner or, more importantly, chocolate!  This is the village that I cannot live without or thank enough!  To all of you who make up mine and every other persons’ village, today, THG salutes you and says:

    Have a wonderful Thursday and know that we are proud to be counted as part of your village too!


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