THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tips Tuesday

    As the leaves change color and start to fall, THG would like to remind you that in addition to raking those leaves, you can’t ignore the pile-up that is also happening on your roof and then, with the wind and rain, in your gutters.

    Gutters are an important structural element of any home.  Their primary function is to collect rainwater from your roof and move it away from the foundation of your home.  Gutters that are clogged can cause that process to fail.  If this happens, water is then able to travel down your foundation which can cause water to seep into your basement and crawl spaces, resulting in property damage and possibly mold growth.  In extreme situation where the gutters are filled and heavy with debris, they can detach from the house causing damage to the roof, shingles and fascia.  Any of these conditions can cost a substantial amount in time and money to correct.

    One way to alleviate these situations is to have a service come and clean your gutters bi-annually, once in the Spring and of course, once in the Fall.  If you are handy, you can put a ladder up and spot check and remove any accumulation.  Seasonal rains often push these leaves toward the down spouts with the water collection.  This is a good place to start, especially after a significant downpour.  One quick indicator of clogged gutters is an overflow of water near downspouts during particularly heavy rains, when the water brings enough debris to the downspout to completely block the downspout resulting in the water splashing over the edges of the gutters.  Left unattended, this water and debris can sit in the gutters creating weight stress on the gutter making it more likely to pull away, damaging roof and fascia components.  This can be compounded as the water freezes in the gutters and creates ice dams.

    Checking and clearing your gutters throughout the fall season, until those last leaves fall, will help with preserving your largest asset, your home.

    Our tip this week is to enjoy the beautiful fall season but make sure to take the steps to protect your home from the damage that can come with the falling leaves!



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