THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tip Tuesday

    There are so many fun and creative things you can do with photographs and technology these days. You can use Photoshop to alter the background, the subject or even the colors. For example, if you are thinking of putting your home on the market and you want to increase the showings with a variety of shoppers with a variety of tastes you can play around with the exterior color of your home. Every one has different different style so every one is going to like different things when it comes to a home. There may be a showing appointment that absolutely falls in love with the soft yellow house with white trim and brick. But there could also be a showing that pulls up to the home and cannot get past the yellow house, what if the hate the color and they don’t even want to go inside? You can play around on Photoshop with a photo of the exterior of your home and you can show potential buyers how big of a difference painting the exterior of the home could make. This lets you show them what kind of personal touches they can make if they decide to buy your home. THG’s Tuesday tip is to utilize all the different options you have with Photoshop and different technologies when promoting the home you love.

    Original Photo. Original Paint Color.

    Altered Photo. Updated Photo Showing Potential.


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