THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tip Tuesday

    Tradition Home Group’s tip today is to be KIND. Today is World Kindness Day and it is observed internationally on November 13th every year. It takes no effort to be kind to people you meet on the street every day and your kindness could mean more than you know to them. A simple smile can brighten someone’s day. Everyone in the world craves positive contact with other humans, today let’s see if we can make the world a kinder place.

    The kindness trend has been growing in popularity over the years so much so that organizations have been created to help spread the message. Random Acts of Kindness and The World Kindness Movement are 2 organizations that promote kindness every day. They have organized events, charities and international days of recognition to keep everyone aware of the need to be kind.

    Be kind today. Be kind every day. Encourage those around you to be kind. If kindness is contagious, let’s all catch it.


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