THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tip Tuesday

    Tradition Home Group has been all about getting into the holiday spirit this chilly winter season. So today’s THG Tips have to do with cookies, chocolate chip cookies to be exact. The winter holiday season always seems to be the prime time for baked goods. And an all time favorite cookie year round is hands down the classic chocolate chip cookie. Here are some tips you can use to make YOUR favorite kind of chocolate chip cookies.

    SUGAR: If you use brown sugar, your cookies will be chewy and moist. If you use white sugar, your cookies will be crisp and spread more (powdered sugar will reduce spreading).

    FLOUR: If you use all purpose flour, your cookies will be chewy. If you use cake flour, your cookies will be tender. And if you use pastry flour, your cookies will have a crumbly texture.

    BUTTER: If you use melted butter, your cookies will be chewy and spread more. If you use creamed butter, your cookies will be spongy and have cake like texture.

    EGGS: If you use egg whites, your cookies will be dry and cakey. If you use egg yolks, your cookies will have a smooth texture.

    :: Adding honey, corn syrup or molasses will make your cookies moist and chewy.

    :: Chilled Dough reduces spreading and make cutting easier.

    :: High Heat Baking, your cookies will be crisp, rubbery and dry. Gentle Heat, underbaking, your cookies will be soft, moist & chewy.

    :: Large Cookies will be Chewy. And Small Cookies will be Crispy.


    We love chocolate chip cookies and we hope this inspires you to do some holiday baking! We hope you enjoyed our THG Tuesday Tips. Happy Baking!

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