THG Tip Tuesday

    THG Tip Tuesday

    Today Tradition Home Group has fun tips to wrapping your gifts this holiday season. With just a few tips you can make your gifts a thing of beauty. You can use wrapping paper mixed with fun ribbons, adorable gift bags with fluffy tissue paper and you can also wrap up a gorgeous gift basket. Make sure you have all your supplies handy before you start so you can knock out all your wrapping at once. Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, Gift Bags, Bows, Tissue Paper, Double Sided Tape & Scissors.

    Wrapping Paper

    • Always wrap gifts on a flat surface to avoid creases.
    • Use double sided tape for clean look.
    • Take care to make nice creases when folding wrapping paper.
    • Carefully rolling the gift when wrapping keeps the paper taught, and has less chance of tearing.
    • Get Creative with Wrapping Paper; mix and match different print paper and ribbon, use basic brown wrapping paper paired with a lace vintage bow and ribbon, or use old newspapers, the comic section is bright and colorful on Sunday.
    • Add a sprig of pine or a pine cone to add a little bit of nature to your gift.

    Gift Bags

    • Make sure your gift bag is the proper size for the gift you wrap, if the bag is only a little bigger than the bag the gift will be safer.
    • Use tissue paper to create a fun fluffy look and to conceal the gift within the bag.
    • You can mix and match lots of different patterns of bags with solid tissue paper as well as patterns or glitter.

    Gift Baskets

    • Find cute basket of any size.
    • Pick a theme for the basket; wine theme could include 1-2 bottle of wine, pair of stemless wine glasses, wine opener, cheese & crackers, chocolate candies; hot cocoa theme could include pair of coffee mugs, custom hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, chocolate candies. Soap and Lotion Theme. Candle Theme. Grill Theme. Coffee Theme.
    • Pick out a filler for underneath the goodies, crinkled paper, tissue paper and cellophane all work great.
    • Wrap the basket in clear gift wrap and the with cute bow to finish off the great look
    • Gift baskets are a perfect way to easily give multiple people a creative gift from the heart.

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