We Wanna Know

    We Wanna Know

    We wanna know what you think about interior house paint. Do you like one consistent paint color throughout the home? Or do you like to mix and match your rooms with a color scheme?

    Today’s painting trends seem to be leaning more towards the one color throughout the home. If you are going with the consistent one color pallet you will most likely want to go with a more neutral color. Gray is a very popular color choice right now, but when you are picking out grays you have to be aware of the different tones of gray. Grays with cooler under tones are going to pull blues and purples. And grays with a warmer under tones are going to pull more browns. We always suggest doing a couple test swatches in different rooms before you tackle painting your whole house. The lighting will be different in each room of your house, and your home furnishings will also play a part in what color your wall paint appears to the naked eye.

    But maybe you are someone who loves color or just likes to ‘paint’ outside the box. If you are going to go this route you will most likely pick an appealing color scheme to stick with throughout the home. If you went with the popular gray color scheme you could have grays and blues, and you will have a lot of options with different shades of both of those colors. You can go the warmer route with browns and taupe. And you can mix and match warm and cool colors if you like.

    We wanna know…

    Do you like houses painted with one wall color on the inside?

    Or do you like mix and match wall paint?

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